Amy Chan (陳一云)

Light artist, theatre practitioner, artistic director of Drama COLLABoratory and pathologist. Interest in expanding the notion of light in postdramatic theatre through the exploration of musicality, performativity and theatricality of light in performance and installation, and the in-betweens of light-music, performance-installation and arts-medicine. Lightscape (light and space) is the co-performer, protagonist and antagonist in her works. 

Her major works include the interdisciplinary museum theatre performance and installation project The Hong Kong Plague of 1894 (Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences and CACHe, 2014) , light installation Cabinet of Curiosities (2016) in group exhibition PseudoCollection - What Do Artists Collect (1a Space, 2016), site-specific light installation-performance Morbid Anatomy (Pathology Teaching Laboratory, 2016), solo light installation Memento Mori: Sonata for Light (Lumenvisum, 2017), installation performances Things That Talk (2020) and Inter-Face (2021). Her online lecture performance Remembrance of Amnesia  (2020), reflecting on pandemic and memory in Hong Kong, was presented in My Documents | Share your screen! ,  the online performance series created and curated by renowned Argentinian theatre maker Lola Arias, and streamed on YouTube and the digital platforms of Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main, Kampnagel Hamburg and Münchner Kammerspiele of Germany, and Kaserne Basel of Switzerland. 

Amy crosses the borders between different media, disciplines and communities. She collaborates with artists of different disciplines, with special interest in light-music collaborations. She works with renowned artists, celebrated composers and musicians including Ellen Pau, Ken Ueno, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and The Up:Strike Project, in the productions of M+, New Vision Arts Festival, West Kowloon Freespace Jazz Fest and Sound Forms 2021 Tai Kwun Edition, etc., covering live video-light-sound performance, new work premieres, contemporary music, classical music, electronic music and free improvisation. She is also the long-term artistic collaborator and tutor of St James Creation, the workshop and gallery under St James' Settlement for artists of different abilities for more than 10 years.

As a lighting designer, director, performer and playwright working for various productions since 1991, she has designed lighting for over 80 theatre productions, art gallery and installations, including A Tree to be Found, the installation artwork in Para/Site in 2003, the award-winner of Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2003 and the collection of Hong Kong Museum of Art. Her original autobiographical theatre performance Two girls from Ngau Tau Kok (as co-creator, co-director, performer and lighting designer) has re-run in various venues for 5 times throughout 9 years. The play was adapted into a graphic novel of the same title and an English radio play broadcasted in the Worldplay series 2003 of BBC world channel. The original Chinese script and the translated English script were published respectively.

A Master of Fine Arts (with distinction) graduate of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, major in lighting design with core research on light in postdramatic theatre, her artistic research has been presented in various international conferences such as The Congress of the Society for Theatre Studies of Germany and Performance Studies International annual conferences, and is published in peer-reviewed journals including Performance Research and Critical Stages. She was an invited speaker of the Postdramatic Theatre Worldwide Symposium (2019) in Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany, discussing the resonance and perspectives of postdramatic theatre in Hong Kong and on her own light-theatre works 20 years after the first publication of internationally renowned theatre scholar Hans-Thies Lehmann's groundbreaking book.

Light Installation (Solo and Group)

2021 - Inter-Face, CCCD, Hong Kong (Face x Science x Art Dialogue and Installation Performance Series)

2020 - Things That Talk, ACO Art Space, Hong Kong (solo light installation-performance)

2017 - Memento Mori: Sonata for Light, Lumenvisum, Hong Kong (solo installation)

2016 - Cabinet of Curiosities in Pseudo Collection - What Do Artists Collect, 1a Space, Hong Kong (group exhibition)

2014 - The Hong Kong Plague of 1894 - (Ab)Normal, The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage (CACHe) , Hong Kong (curation and group exhibition)

Light-Performance (Selected)

2021 - RE-turn (light-sound installation-performance) in Sound Forms 2021 Present_Present Tai Kwun Edition, featuring Natalie Cheung @ Drama Collaboratory.

2020 - Remembrance of Amnesia (online lecture performance) in My Documents | Share your screen! The Open Call Editioncreated and curated by Lola Arias, production by Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main with Lola Arias, co-produced by Kampnagel Hamburg, Kaserne Basel and Münchner Kammerspiele.

2019 - The Fable of Ungrateful Wolf  (light x Cantonese Opera, as light installation/performing light artist/Cantonese opera singer), PSi25 Calgary, Canada

2017 - HYPER-PLASIA (light installation-lecture performance), Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany

2016 - Morbid Anatomy, Pathology Teaching Laboratory, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong

2014 - The Hong Kong Plague of 1894, Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, Hong Kong

2001-2009 - Two Girls from Ngau Tau Kok, various venues, Hong Kong

Light Collaboration in Performances, Music and Installations (Selected)

2022 - The Shape of Light: A Live Performance by Ellen Pau (Co-presented by M+ and Art Basel). M+

2021 -  HKACT! Act 10 Daedalus Drones (New Vision Arts Festival 2021). Installation-Performance by Ken Ueno. Outdoor Roof Garden and Miller Gallery of Asia Society Hong Kong.

2021 - West Kowloon Freespace Jazz Fest - Experimental Lab (Free improvisation and experimentations with sound and light). Freespace, West Kowloon.

2021 - Sound Forms 2021 Present_Present Tai Kwun Edition (Light installation for Festival and lighting design for all performances). Presented by Comtemporary Musiking Hong Kong. Curated by Karen Yu. Tai Kwun F Hall Studio.

2021 - Water, the First Body (World Premiere) Composer and Performer: Ken Ueno, Osage Gallery, Hong Kong

2021 -《Still in Hong Kong》by Scarlet Yu 余美華 and Xavier Le Roy (as performer) in 「信任&迷惑」"trust & confusion" | 大館 Tai Kwun

2021 - Let Me Tell You Something|multimedia experiential music performance (World Premiere),  Creative Director & Performer: Angela Hui Wai Nok.  Cattle Depot Artist Village On and On Theatre, Hong Kong

2021 - Infinito Nero, an ecstasy in one act by Salvatore Sciarrino (light installation x music x video), Hong Kong New Music Ensemble. Osage Gallery, Hong Kong

2021 - EVERGREEN (percussion chamber concert), The Up:Strike Project.  Kwai Tsing Theatre Black Box Theatre, Hong Kong

2020 - Strange and Sacred Noise by John Luther Adams (light installation x percussion), The Up:Strike Project. Y-Studio, Hong Kong [*Hong Kong Premiere]

2017-19 - Our Stories - Memories in Clay (ceramics joint exhibition and community art project, funded by Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme), St James' Creation, various venues, Hong Kong

2019 - Academy Multimedia Composition Concert (light-music project), School of Music, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Academy Recital Hall, Hong Kong. [*World Premiere of Lux by Yoyo Chan Pui-ting, Postmodern Surgery by Tony Chan Chi-Long, and The State at 0400 by Kathleen Fung Yee-Shing]

2019 - Beaming Shadows (light-music project), Exordium Collective. Fringe Upstairs, Hong Kong [*World Premiere of Flight Paths for Alto Saxophone with Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators by American composer Alvin Lucier for saxophonist Charles Ng]

2018 - Project: CHROME (light-music project), the TimeCrafters. Parsons Music Piano Center and Fringe Dairy of The Fringe Club, Hong Kong

2018 - Sounding Architecture in Concert (light-music project), Loke Yew Hall, the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong [*World Premiere of The Ghost Chase for Mezzo-soprano, Piccolo, Percussion and Gamelan Gong Kebyar by Hong Kong composer Chan Sze-rok]

2013 - Encountering: Xavier le Roy (multimedia installation in collaboration with choreographer Scarlet Yu). Dance Studio, HKAPA, Hong Kong

2012 - The Scholar and the Executioner (drama). Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Drama Theatre, Hong Kong

2012 - Clayfunland by St James' Creation Ceramics Gallery (ceramic installation). Gallery by the Harbour, Hong Kong

2010 - New Vision Festival 2010 : Sand/Moon (music theatre), Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong

2008 - Le French May 2008 : Les Bonnes (physical theatre), Fringe Club, Hong Kong

2003 - Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2003 : A Tree to be Found (Installation / Performance), Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong

2003 - A Tree to be Found (Installation / Performance), Para/Site, Hong Kong

2000 - 16th International Festival of Deaf Pantomime : The End? (physical theatre), Brno, Czech Republic

1998 - Talking Short, Talking Long (drama), various venues, Hong Kong and Macau

Publications and Selected Writings

LIGHT IN POSTDRAMATIC THEATRE, Master of Fine Arts in Theatre and Entertainment Arts (Lighting Design Major) thesis, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Amy Chan (2020) The Diffracting Light in Contemporary Theatre, Performance Research, 25:5,107-113,DOI: 10.1080/13528165.2020.1868852

Notes on Light: The Musicality of Light and Theatre. Critical Stages/Scènes critiques: The IATC journal/Revue de l'AICT – June 2020: Issue No 21

Medicine, Theatre and Light in the Era of Postdramatic Theatre. (Coauthored with Natalie Cheung) Critical Stages/Scènes critiques: The IATC journal/Revue de l'AICT – June 2018: Issue No 17

Two Girls from Ngau Tau Kok in City Stage: Hong Kong Playwriting in English. Edited by Mike Ingham and Xu Xi. Hong Kong University Press, 2005

牛頭角兩條女 (Two Girls from Ngau Tau Kok) in 臨界點上:香港戲劇 2001(香港劇本叢書第五輯)(Hong Kong Drama 2001. Hong Kong Plays Series No. 5). Edited by Stephen Lam. IATC (Hong Kong Division), 2004

《牛頭角兩小妹》(Two Girls from Ngau Tau Kok) (graphic novel). Stepforward Multimedia, 2002

交纏在疾病、光影與劇場的現場之間 --探討病理誌的美學與醫學 (Exploring the Art and Medicine of Morbid Anatomy, co-authored with Natalie Cheung) 劇場閱讀 (Performing Art Forum) Vol. 10 Issue 48 (2020)《演疫時代》。澳門劇場文化學會。

本地舞台美學轉向之機遇——記「甚麼是舞台」工作坊 (Scenographic Turn: Review on "What is Stage" scenography workshop series by West Kowloon Cultural District, Chinese Only) Artism Online, December 2019.

真實的領域 ─ 記「舞台製作的劇場構作 ─ 劇場與社會政治」藝術家工作坊 (The Realm of the Real - on West Kowloon Cultural District "Production dramaturgy – Theatre and the Socio-political" 2018 Artist Workshop, Chinese Only), 香港話劇團劇誌 Hong Kong Repertory Theatre Repazine#24, 2018

感官的詩學 - 記西九國際劇場工作坊節之感官劇場工作坊 (Review on West Kowloon Cultural District International Workshop Festival 2015 - Workshop on Theatre of Senses, Chinese only), originally published on the Stand News (, 2015

Artist Interview - Enrique Vargas and Tang Shu-Wing, conducted for West Kowloon Cultural District International Workshop Festival of Theatre 2015

Conference Presentations

2019 - Invited speaker of Postdramatic Theatre in transcultural perspective panel in Postdramatic Theatre Worldwide Symposium, Akademie der Künste, Berllin, Germany

2019 - Presentation:“The Fable of the Ungrateful Wolf” at the intersection of Cantonese opera and Light – adaptability and plasticity as creative strategy. (co-presented with Natalie Cheung Kit-Ying, Chak Lui Chan and Chin Mei Law) PSi25, Performance Studies International Annual Conference, Calgary, Canada.

2018 - Free paper presentation: The Potentiality of Drama Education and Multidisciplinary Arts Project in Medical Bioethics Teaching. Medical Education Conference, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2017 - Free paper presentation: Exploring the Role of Postdramatic Theatre Performance in Medical Bioethics Teaching. Medical Education Conference, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2016 - Paper presentation and performance: Dramaturgy of Light as Critique in Performance. The Congress of the Society for Theatre Studies, Frankfurt and Gießen, Germany

2016 - Paper presentation and performance: Death in Postdramatic Theatre. Death, Art and Anatomy Conference, University of Winchester, UK

2015 - Paper Presentation: Theatre-in-Education in the Era of Postdramatic Theatre: A case study on The Hong Kong Plague of 1894 Project. (co-presented with Natalie Cheung Kit-Ying) National University of Tainan Department of Drama Creation and Application 2015 Conference, Tainan, Taiwan.

Awards and Scholarships

2014 - Martin Professional (HK) Limited Scholarship 2013/14 

2003 - Light installation for Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2003 Award installation A Tree to be Found 

1997 - Nominations for Outstanding Director, Best Performance and Outstanding Visual Effects, Hong Kong Urban Council Drama Festival 

1991 - Outstanding Performer Award, Hong Kong Urban Council Drama Festival 


2017 - Master of Fine Arts (with distinction), major in lighting design, School of Theatre and Entertainments Arts, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. 

2003 - Special Effect Assistant (Stream B) License, Entertainment Special Effect Ordinance (Cap. 560), HKSAR Government

2001 - Postgraduate Diploma in East/West Theatre Studies, School of Professional and Continuing Education, The University of Hong Kong

1997 - Certificate in Theatre Studies, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

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